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"In the right hands, data can provide a wealth of information to help improve decision-making, communicate ideas, and offer a more objective look at the world, territories, and their populations."

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Our teams have a solid foundation of skills in several fields !


  • Webmapping : creating static or interactive maps online. Real-time data mapping
  • web-SIG : development of Web GIS based on OpenSources technologies: implementation of a DBMS (Database Management System), a map server and a front-end application for visualization and data editing, with management of users. Data editing is allowed either via the web-sig interface or via desktop GIS such as QGIS

GIS Analysis

  • Processing and analysis of spatial data
  • Collection and formatting of data: business data, CENSUS data, customer data, ...
  • Spatial data translation, vectorization
  • Multi-thematic analysis: crossing different layers of information
  • Optimization search (optimization of garbage collection circuits, ...)
  • Prospecting (real estate, ...)
  • Geocoding
  • Simulation, projection
  • and any other skills related to spatial analysis

Data visualization

Creation of static or interactive graphs, simple or complex.
Although maps are likely to be the most easily understood data representations, a map is not always the best way to visualize spatial data. Sometimes, for categorized data for example, a graph will be much more meaningful than visualizing a location

Real time

  • Creating dashboards and real-time data visualization maps
  • Geolocation

Our latest success

Dynamic dashboard on deforestation in French Guyana from July 2016 to the end of 2019

Dynamic dashboard which allows to represent deforestation in French Guyana from a cartographic and graphic point of view and which updates according to the selected viewing period. The map view makes it possible to identify the plots cut, according to the date of deforestation, and to compare the satellite images of 2016 and 2019. The municipalities, National Forestry Office of France's (ONF) forests, ONF's plots and the main ONF's tracks are represented and their data can be consulted. The 3 graphics associated with the cartographic data make it possible to visualize the total area deforested per day, the area deforested per forest owned by the ONF, according to the municipalities or according to the ONF's forests, and the share of deforestation in the forests of the ONF in relation to total deforestation.

Web GIS for the local council community 'les Portes de l'Ile de France'

Development and deployment on an internal server of a web Geographic Information System (GIS) (database / map server / application). The GIS web is used to visualize wastewater networks and related elements and to access the attributes of them, to make plots, to add GPS readings, to export data, and to evolve the network. by creating, modifying, removing water pipes, sewage treatment plants, ... The GIS Web also makes it possible to position points on the parcels where a non-collective sanitation inspection has been carried out and to inform several elements including the conformity of the installation, the date of upgrading, ... We have recently added to this GIS web the Local Urban Planning Plans (PLU) and all the prescriptions and urban planning information (easements , PPRI, ...). The whole is coupled to a cadastral research module and is dynamically linked to the application of instruction of the files of town planning allowing a semi-automated instruction of files of town planning.

Web GIS for the city of Bonnières-sur-Seine

Development and deployment on the internal server of a web Geographic Information System (GIS) (database / map server / application) with secure access via the Internet. The GIS web allows to visualize the network of drinking water, differentiated by type of network, and to access the attributes of it, to make plots, to add GPS readings, to export the data, and to evolve their network by creating, modifying, removing water pipes, valves, ... Recently, we have vectorized and added the entire public lighting network of the city.

GIS study on the urban bus network for the local council community 'Le Creusot Montceau'

Realization of a study on the urban bus network at the Creusot Montceau Community with the realization of analysis maps and a cartographic application allowing to visualize them. The maps present the current network of bus lines with the possibility of superimposing several layers of information representing areas of traffic materialized by households likely to use the urban bus network (cartography of young people under 18, people elderly people, low-income people, ...), and traffic receiving areas materialized by the different types of equipment of the territory (sports halls, theaters, ...). This study helped to highlight the good bus network service in some neighborhoods, while others were further away, and in fact to adapt the bus routes to this geographical reality highlighted by the cards.

Who we are

GeoQriosity was created in 2015 by Jérôme Hippolyte. A geographer by training, Jérôme spent 10 years as a researcher in charge of the Habitat/Great Urban Renovation Project (GPRU) in a local council community of 32 towns. GeoQriosity was the triangulation of Jérôme’s Town Planning, Geography and Coding expertise, a company designed to present complex data simply using advanced geo-mapping techniques.


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